Uganda became active in the Stomping Out Malaria initiative in February of 2012. With 122 volunteers placed in every region of the country there is potential to create an effective malaria prevention plan.

According to the Presidents Malaria Initiative (PMI), “Malaria is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in Uganda accounting for 25-40 percent of outpatient visits to health facilities, 15-20 percent of all hospital admissions, and 9-14 percent of all hospital deaths. Nearly half of all inpatient deaths among children under 5 are attributed to malaria.” A World Health Organization (WHO) study states that only 10% of both children under 5 and pregnant women are currently sleeping under mosquito nets. This is a major factor in the 16% of children under 5 who die from malaria each year in Uganda.

In most parts of Uganda, temperature and rainfall allow stable, year-round transmission at high levels with relatively little seasonal variability.

Currently 100% of the Ugandan population is at risk of contracting malaria.

Featured Volunteer Project:

PCV Mathew Boddie working with the Ngora Parish Harmack Company (NPHC), a business skills training group for youth that offers opportunities to continue their education, developed the Off the Ground and Under a Net initiative. Youth in the area who have completed P7 (7th grade) or above and are unable to pay for further education can come and learn about the fundamentals of microfinance.  In the process of learning those skills, youth within the company will receive equal portions of profit made.  The NPHC primarily sells hammocks; to date, they have sold just fewer than 450 hammocks to other companies, travelers & volunteers, Ugandan citizens, and health centers.

Their newest ambition is to have the youth become actively involved with important issues faced by the community.  NPHC started making mosquito net hammocks which they sell at subsidized costs.  The group decided on this initiative after realizing the number of children who sleep on the floor, without a mosquito net to prevent malaria.  It is their mission in Ngora to get every youth, especially those under the ages of 5, Off the Ground and Under a Net.


Quick Facts:
Capital: Kampala
Population: 32.5 million
Languages: English, Luo, Luganda, Swahili, etc.
Known for: Lake Victoria, Gorrilas, Birth place of the Nile river
Malaria burden: Between 70,000 and 110,000 deaths per year are attributed to malaria.
Peace Corps: Operating in Uganda since 1964
Volunteers: 122; Education, Health and Economic Development




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