Country Presentation


Rwanda is making great strides towards ending malaria. We’re hoping we can help.

The first Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in Rwanda in 1975. After closing in 1993, the program reopened in 2008, and now includes approximately 130 volunteers in the health and education sectors.

Since the launch of Peace Corps’ Stomping Out Malaria in Africa Initiative in 2011, three volunteers have served as Rwanda’s Malaria Volunteers. Current Malaria Volunteers, Arielle Mancuso and Virginia Burger, have been advocating and supporting malaria projects since attending Stomp’s Boot Camp IV in June 2012. Rwanda’s Malaria Team is working to align volunteer projects with the goals of the Ministry of Health, the President’s Malaria Initiative, and the Millennium Development Goals.

While Rwanda’s involvement in the Stomp initiative is relatively new, our Malaria Team is enthusiastic for the future. Rwanda’s government, with international support, has made great progress in a short amount of time. Some successes? Since December 2009, more than 9.8 million long-lasting insecticide treated nets have been distributed. According to the latest Demographic Health Survey in 2010, 82% of households had at least one long-lasting insecticide-treated net. Pregnant women and children under five have benefitted most. From 2008 to 2011, Rwanda saw a 72% decrease in the total number of malaria cases, as well as a 47% decrease in malaria deaths. The Government of Rwanda is working towards pre-elimination of malaria.

Check here for our updates and stories.


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