National Malaria Control Programs

The prime partners for all malaria work, including that of Stomping Out Malaria in Africa, are the National Malaria Control Programs in the countries where we work. Over the course of the last year, Peace Corps programs in all Stomp countries have strengthened or begun relationships with their NMCPs. In The Gambia, this has resulted in a Volunteer being seconded directly to the NMCP to support their IT and program management needs. In Kenya, Volunteers have been assigned as counterparts to the NMCP’s District Malaria Control Officers in key high prevalence

President’s Malaria Initiative

The President’s Malaria Initiative is the largest institutional partner of Stomp, with 14 Stomp countries hosting PMI programming. Since the inception of Stomp, PMI has supported the program by offering their expert staff to Boot Camp trainings that have trained over 50 PCVs and 12 Peace Corps staff members. Those trainees in turn have trained hundreds of Volunteers throughout Africa.

Instead of ‘partnerships by occasional meeting,’ Stomp assigns volunteers to key partners, exponentially increasing the quantity and quality of institutional partnerships.

This map shows the 20 current Stomping Out Malaria in Africa programs. Programs in countries where Peace Corps is partnering with PMI are marked in red, and programs in countries without PMI are colored orange.

Building institutional relationships with partners is key to the success of Stomping Out Malaria in Africa. Many organizations want to be better partners with their peers but struggle with the logistics of opening and maintaining clear lines of communication and processes of coordination. Based on an internal review of the efficacy of various Peace Corps partnerships, Stomp identified that those partnerships which involved the embedding or seconding of a Volunteer directly to a partner organization experienced an exceptional success rate. Embedded Volunteers dramatically increased the bandwidth between the organizations and simplified the process of coordination and joint strategic planning.Based on this insight, Stomp has followed an innovative strategy of identifying key malaria prevention organizations at all posts and assigning Volunteers to those organizations with a dual mandate. Assigned Volunteers support the work of the organization directly and are also tasked with ensuring that all of the Volunteers in country are aware of the organization’s activities and synergize their malaria prevention activities with those of the partner. Over the past year, 30 malaria prevention organizations across Africa have benefited from the direct support of a Peace Corps Volunteer.


Malaria No More is an organization dedicated to eliminating malaria in Africa by 2015. Their projects include the innovative Net Guarantee program for LLIN procurement, Nightwatch, a public awareness radio and television campaign, and Speak Up Africa, a project aimed at highlighting local African malaria prevention champions. Malaria No More staff have provided expert trainers for all Malaria Boot Camp trainings and Volunteers in Senegal and Cameroon are assigned directly to MNM. Additionally, curriculum for primary school malaria education developed by MNM is being rolled out for use by Volunteers across the continent.

JHUCCP’s NetWorks program in Senegal was one of the earliest institutional partners of Stomp. Volunteers in Senegal have worked with NetWorks on nationwide universal coverage campaigns and routine distribution logistics. Networks staff have been instrumental in training Volunteers at the Boot Camps.


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