PC/Mali has been fighting malaria since it began operating in 1971.  Volunteers have been involved in many various interventions including:

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  • Organizing campaigns for re-treating bednets with insecticide
  • Producing and marketing Neem-insect repellant lotion
  • Integrating malaria prevention methods into volunteer led radio programs
  • Encouraging covered soak pits to eliminate insect breeding environments
  • Leading educational talks about the malaria life cycle, how to prevent the disease, and treatment throughout rural Mali


PC/Mali joined the Stomp Out Malaria Initiative in June 2011 with the arrival of a Peace Corps Response Volunteer charged with launching the program in the West African nation.  Since then the Stomp family has only grown: two more volunteers and two staff members have been trained at Boot Camps in Senegal and over 100 volunteers have been introduced to the initiative through various trainings.
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Quick Facts:
Capital: Bamako
Population: ~14.5 million
Languages: French, Bambara, Fula, Songhai, etc.
Known for: Timbuktu, Dogon country, the Niger River, & amazing musicians
Malaria burden: Over 60% of reported deaths are attributed to malaria.
Peace Corps: Operating in Mali since 1971
Volunteers: 192; Health Education, Small Enterprise Development, Environment, Literacy, and Water & Sanitation
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