Peace Corps The Gambia (PCTG) has been proudly serving The Gambia since 1967.  During Peace Corps 45 years of uninterrupted service volunteers in The Gambia have participated in a number of malaria-related projects and activities.   From bed net coverage campaigns to teaching community members how to make neem cream repellent (a natural mosquito repellent), to paint murals, PCVs in The Gambia will STOMP OUT MALARIA

PCTG officially joined the initiative in June of 2011 with the participation of one health volunteer and the program assistant to the health sector at the initial Boot Camp in Theis, Senegal.  PCTG is stomping strong with the other 25 Peace Corps countries in Africa to STOMP OUT MALARIA!! 

In The Gambia, PCTG is working alongside National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) to help to fight malaria and join in on efforts already taking place in the country.  NMCP already has thousands of feet stomping strong in the field, and PCTG is joining the fight!

This page is a work in progress, so keep coming back for updates!  In the next couple of months as the program grows, look for activities PCTG is taking part in and highlights of PCTG efforts to STOMP OUT MALARIA!!!


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