Dream Banners

Remember when people used to ask you what you to be when you grow up? For many kids, just making it to their 5th birthday is a challenge because of malaria. The good news? Malaria is preventable. Malaria No More is encouraging people around the world to create Dream Banners this month.

A Dream Banner is something that is easy to make with kids in  your area. Not only are they fun to create, but Dream Banners also teach kids that preventing malaria can help them reach their dreams. How do you do it? Grab a few sheets of paper and have kids draw what they want to be when they grow up. Then, attach the sheets together to make a banner and hang it on their mosquito net.

No nets in your area? Have kids hold their Dream Banners with their families, with someone they admire, or in front of their local health centers. Then, take a picture and share it with us a stompoutmalaria@gmail.com


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