Participant’s Corner

Boot Camp III Participants.

Stomping Out Malaria in Africa‘s fifth Malaria Boot Camp is coming up from September 19th to the 29th in Thies, Senegal. We have an exciting agenda with presenters from the CDC, NIH, USAID, JHUCCP, Malaria No More, Against Malaria and many, many more. I can’t wait to meet you all and begin working to make the end of malaria a reality in our lifetime.

Matt McLaughlin
Program Manager
Peace Corps
Stomping Out Malaria in Africa


To Do List for Participants 

Boot Camp II Participants

Boot Camp II Participants

  1. Join the Facebook Group
  2. Join the Google Group
  3. Read up on Malaria
  4. Prepare a Country Presentation
  5. Pack for a professional experience
  6. Review the transportation logistics
  7. Review the Agenda



Our FB community

Stomp maintains an internal Malaria Team Facebook Group used for peer to peer communication. Find out what other volunteers all over Africa are doing in malaria prevention. Ask questions about upcoming projects. Share links to interesting resources. Our crack media special agent (Jillian) will be sending you invitations as soon as we have your contact information. If you have not yet been invited to the Malaria Team Facebook Group send an email to and we’ll take care of that right away.


Google Groups
While Facebook is great for informal “water cooler” conversations among the Malaria Team members, we also need an outlet for mission critical communication. That’s Google Groups. We will be using Google Groups for all vital information for the Malaria Team. So what is it? Google Groups is a simple listserve and email alias setup that allows us to send a single email to “” and have it appear in all your email inboxes. Unlike the Facebook page, we use this sparingly and only for important information.

As with the Facebook Group, Jillian will be sending you invitations to our Google Group as they receive your contact information. If you have not yet received an invitation to the Google Group, please email


Reading List
The more knowledge you come to the training with, the faster you and the whole group will be able to learn. We chosen just a few high level documents that should give you a good overview of what’s going on in your country. Not all documents are available for all countries – some of you come from non-PMI focus countries that don’t have a MOP for example, and the RBM Progress and Impact Series is just getting started so currently only Senegal, Zambia and Tanzania are covered. Not to worry. Read what is available to you. But please do respect your fellow participants by doing all of the assigned reading that are available to you so we can all hit the ground running. You’re not going to be tested on the minute details, but you will be expected to incorporate what you’ve read into a short presentation for the entire training group (see below).

  1. Your National Malaria Control Program’s latest strategic plan (these may be difficult to find depending on your Ministry of Health’s web presence).
  2. Any active Global Fund malaria grants for your country:
  3. The President’s Malaria Initiative Malaria Operation Plan for your country (if you are a PMI focus country):
  4. Roll Back Malaria Country Focus Report (if there is one for your country):
  5. You will also be expected to have watched the Sanofi Aventis – Impact Malaria program videos at:


Country Presentations
We would like you to work with your country-mates to produce a Powerpoint that will give a brief overview of the malaria prevention activities ongoing in your country. Please follow the template available at: 

  • Slide 1 – Cover Slide
  • Slide 2 – Presenters introduction
  • Slide 3 – Country Data – Statistics
  • Slide 4 – Country Data – Map of Regional variations
  • Slide 5 – Who’s doing what in Country
  • Slide 6 – What is Peace Corps up to?
  • Slide 7 – “Thanks!”

Since we don’t want this get too heavy, please pepper the presentation with as many gorgeous photos of your country as possible. Think of it as a malaria prevention tourist brochure – you want to convince us that you have the most fascinating and gorgeous place to do malaria prevention work in the world!

Also, there will be a time limit. Don’t plan on going over 5 minutes… which may mean you need to talk fast!

Packing List
We will be providing materials only in electronic form, so please bring your laptop or iPad. If you do not have a laptop or iPad, please let us know at and we will make arrangements to provide you access to a Peace Corps desktop. We will also have the capability of loading documents onto your Kindle, so if you have a Kindle, please bring that as well.

We will be meeting with important Peace Corps partners and receiving training from prominent international experts in the field over video conference so please come prepared to dress accordingly. This means at minimum business casual attire. We’re not going to force anyone to dress formally for the majority of sessions, but for men – a tie and dress shoes, and for women – a skirt or dress that covers your knees or pants, will be appropriate when we do field visits to partner programs and for meetings with the President’s Malaria Initiative.

For volunteer participants: Having been a volunteer myself and wearing flip-flops for around 2 years, I appreciate that this may be a significant change from what some of you may be used to but as you move into important positions in malaria prevention a higher standard of professional dress when dealing with partners will be an expectation. – Matt


Transportation Logistics
You will be met at the airport (except those of you coming overland) by Relax Travel and transported to the Peace Corps office where you will be taken in a Peace Corps vehicle to the Thies training center. Relax agents should meet you where you pick up your luggage and will know your name and have a sign. When they pick you up you will be given a local cell phone and and enough credit to make emergency calls as necessary. If you would like to make personal calls you are free to purchase and add credit to these phones.

If there is a communication problem or change of flights and you find yourself in Dakar without anyone waiting for you at the airport, please contact one of emergency contacts on this emergency contact sheet:

Please print out that sheet and bring it with you!

Upon leaving Senegal you will similarly be driven to the airport by Relax travel.


With the large number of presenters from such a wide variety of organizations, this schedule is very much subject to change without notice but it should offer you a good idea of what’s in store for you.

If you use Google Calendars you may Click here to subscribe to our google calendar!

If you use Outlook, copy and past this into Tools->Internet Calendars:


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