Amanda Wybolt

Amanda Wybolt

Since its inception in April of 2011, the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa initiative’s spirit and energy have come largely from Amanda Wybolt, our first  Social Media and Communications Manager. Her tireless devotion to getting the initiative off its feet, her dedication to supporting Stomp volunteers across the continent, and her endless enthusiasm for this program’s potential have shaped our first year in fundamental ways. She is moving on to the next stage of her life, but she will not soon be forgotten here. Volunteers from all over Africa have written in with their own words about working with her over the past year. Read on to discover what Amanda has been to us over the past year.

“As her roommate, friend, and coworker, I agree with everything written below. I can only add that I’ll miss her, and that I wish her the best.”  – Jessie

“Communication is the lifeblood of any organization, and in our first year of operation Stomping Out Malaria in Africa was exceptionally lucky to have Amanda as the Social Media and Communications Manager. Her dedication to the task of searching out and shining a bright light on the great work volunteers are doing in malaria prevention all over Africa changed the speed at which ideas flow between volunteers. She will be sorely missed, but I have no doubt that her infectious energy will continue to change the world for the better no matter where she is.”  -Matt McLaughlin, STOMP Program Manager

“Amanda—-is amazing!  She beats everyone out of the water when it comes to social media and being IT savvvvvvvvvy!  Stomp Zambia will miss her greatly, but I know we will stay in touch and ‘roll back’ some beers in another part of the world soon-soon!”  Roollll Backkkkk – Jane

“Amanda, I honestly cannot imagine the Malaria Team without you!  Youve been such a big part of keeping spirits high and the Malaria team informed and connected.  And you were always on the job and on top of everything.  Sad to see you go, but excited to cross paths again one day! Good Luck!”   -Nicole Keusch

“Amanda, you’re my favorite PCV from a post outside of my own. Thanks for staying in touch and letting me bitch to you (of course, I was happy to return the favor!)” – Professor

“Amanda, it’s been great – it’s only been a year, but it seems like so much longer (and I mean that in the best way!). Your infectious enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing keep us all focused and motivated. I know you’ll bring that energy to wherever you end. I’m sure our paths will cross again (outside the realm of Facebook stalking). I want to wish you all the best and a smooth and speedy transition back to the States. SWAT it out, girl!” -Beth Davidson

“Wybolt is fantastic. She is always on top of things (it generally takes her about 20 seconds to like or comment on a new malaria-related post to Facebook!), she is reliable and always follows through on things she says she will do, she is incredibly patient when I can’t figure things out, and most importantly, she is fun to work with! I especially appreciated the shirtless Ryan Gosling “hey girl” picture she sent us promoting bed net use. I forwarded it to all the female PCVs in Moz and it was the most responses I have EVER gotten to a malaria email, so thanks to Amanda for helping me find out that people actually do read my emails! Wybs, you’ll be missed dearly!” -Scooter

“Amanda is so cool, very hard working, and a very nice person.  She has done a lot for Stomp Out Malaria.  We are all very appreciative of that.  I wish her good luck in all of her endeavours in the US.”  -Katim Touray, PA Health

“Amanda has been extremely helpful, whether it be explaining tweets or finding project examples.  She also emailed me more than any other person that I have ever met.  Stomping Out Malaria would not be the force that it is today without her hard work.  To Amanda- Good luck in whatever adventure life presents to you next.  I know that you’ll do awesome things.”  -Katie Clifford, PCV

“The time I spent at the Boot Camp with Amanda, was all filled with very positive experiences.  Amanda’s warm personality and humility made her very approachable during the  Boot Camp as well as when it was finished.  The success of the Malaria Initiative is largely due to her, because of her persistance and upbeat attitude.  Even when I was going through some personal things she was able to wish me well, and he publicity of all things Stomp Out related kept the initiative in my mind, and really made Malaria a priority for me in my country.”  -Tinika McIntosh

“Amanda, Your smile is contagious and your dedication is inspiring. I admire you such much for all the work you’ve accomplished with the Stomp initiative in its infancy. You created something extraordinary from the bottom up. You are irreplaceable and have set an amazing precedent for everyone that follows you. Thank you for all your work and for sharing your wisdom with me. Best of luck! STOMP!”  -Jillian Husman, PCV

“Amanda let me stay on her couch when I first landed in country and made sure I knew how to get to the office. Since then I have come to learn that her door is always open, and volunteers in more than 23 African countries (yes, 23, no less, ever) who have never seen it appreciate her friendship. -Mike Toso, PCV

“From the first Day of Bootcamp on, Amanda has been an inspiration. Her energy and passion for the work of Stomp is contagious and is a source of motivation.  The support that I, and the whole Malaria Team, has received from Amanda is incredible.  Sometimes all it took on a rough day in the office was one of Amanda’s perpetually positive emails to turn things around.  Amanda, thank you for everything and good luck in everything awesome I know you will do in the future.” -Dan Quinn


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