Boot Camp Five Group Photo

Final Day of Boot Camp V: Putting the Pieces Together, Malaria Vaccines, and Country Work Plans

Saturday, September 29th was the last day of malaria boot camp five.  The activities for the final day included a session of piecing all the information together, a presentation about the future of malaria vaccines, and an opportunity to share each country’s action plan.

In the morning, Volunteers and staff mapped out all the tools that they had learned about during the boot camp and projected when and how to use the tools in the field. They spent an hour breaking down the material from all the sessions and discussing what information will be useful and when. They also wrote up study questions for each other pulled from all the sessions.

Dr. Sally Ethelston from the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative also joined the group in the morning via Skype. She discussed the potential uses of vaccinations for malaria prevention and introduced RTSS, a vaccine currently in clinical trials, and other potential future vaccine candidates. Participants had the opportunity to question Dr. Ethelston about the drug, a potential roll-out strategy, and potential access to the vaccine.

Following lunch, participants took time to evaluate the boot camp and then presented their respective country work plans. As the newest country coordinators, the participants shared ideas for training, projects, communications, and building partnerships.

Boot Camp five ended around 3:00 p.m. Twenty-five Volunteers and five Staff traveled back to their posts in 15 countries over the weekend. Participants of Boot Camp five tracked over 80 hours of intense malaria training including field visits, hands-on activities, case study discussions, and formal classroom instruction.  Everyone left with a wealth of in-depth knowledge about malaria, the major interventions, and major malaria actors. The newest malaria team members are extremely motivated and look forward to stomping out malaria in Africa.


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