Boot Camp V, Day 7: Visits to Health Structures and Survey Design

This morning, boot camp V participants divided into groups to visit three local health structures: a district hospital, a health post, and a rural health hut. The objectives of the visits were to learn about any discrepancies among the various health levels, differences between the Senegalese health system and other African countries, and challenges associated with testing and treating malaria. Participants interviewed doctors, nurses, and mid-wives to learn about accessibility, facilities, training, and attitudes in the health system. Afterwards, the participants regrouped and shared their experiences.

Stomp participants work on designing a survey about bed net usage during Julie Thwing’s presentation about survey design.

In the afternoon, Julie Thwing, the Senegal Resident Advisor for the CDC (Center for Disease Control) returned to boot camp V to talk about survey design. Julie explored the different types of research framework such as formative research, basic science, operational research, and monitoring and evaluation as necessary components to create survey questions. She talked about the importance of properly structuring survey data and strategies for implementing the survey. Participants divided into small groups and created their own surveys about access and use of long-lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs) and RDT testing with fever symptoms.

Matt McLaughlin, Stomp Program Manager, wrapped up the day with a follow-up session the logical frameworks about monitoring and evaluation. Participants worked off their original frameworks to build upon the monitoring and evaluation aspects. The participants will finish off the evening with taking a closer look at a case study about a bed net distribution in Zambia.


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