Weekly Awesome Mozambique: Training of Trainers in Zambezia Province

PCV Caitlin Rosenberg practices a home visit skit with two counterparts from other districts.

On Thursday July 5th, in Mocuba, Zambezia province, eight Peace Corps Health Volunteers, ten Mozambican counterparts, one representative from PIRCOM (Programa Inter-Religioso Contra a Malária), and one Peace Corps Staff member participated in a general malaria prevention “Training of Trainers.”

The purpose of this workshop was two-fold: to propagate malaria prevention messages to the communities where participants live and to prepare PCVs and Mozambican counterparts to assist in the upcoming net distribution and spraying campaigns in the districts where they live and work. The workshop was also to serve a pilot training that will be modeled on other provinces. Peace Corps Mozambique chose the Zambezia province because the indoor residual spraying (IRS) and bed net distribution campaigns will launch in the province this Fall. Peace Corps Mozambique hoped that providing a one-day workshop will reinvigorate Volunteer and community member involvement in malaria work.

Peace Corps Mozambique funded the workshop that Mozambique Stomp Coordinator, Scooter Anata Walsh coordinated and facilitated. Dr. Carols Mucambe, the northern region Peace Corps Medical Officer, PIRCOM representative Felizardo Camões, PCVL Julia Marsh, and Scooter Anata Walsh facilitated the workshop sessions. The workshop covered all areas of how to run a malaria prevention workshop, including preparing to run a workshop, causes and symptoms of malaria, prevention and treatment of malaria, how to converse with families about malaria prevention, and six simple actions that families can do to prevent malaria. By the end of the day, PCVs and their Community Health Worker (CHW) counterparts left feeling confident that they could do their own home visits to discuss malaria, how to protect your family from malaria, IRS spraying, and proper bed net maintenance.

All nine of the districts represented at the workshop will be receiving either a net distribution or an indoor residual spraying campaign in the near future.  At the end of the workshop, all participants split into two groups, depending on which campaign their district will be receiving to discuss facts and brainstorm ways in which they can assist these programs.

PCVL Julia Marsh explains the objectives of the TOT.

Two participants present their home visit skit to the rest of the group at TOT in July 2012.

Two participants present their home visit skit to the rest of the group at TOT in July 2012.


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