Weekly Awesome Zambia: Training

Zambia rolled out Focus-In-Train-Up (FITU) Pre-Service Training (PST) Malaria 101 Training Sessions the first week of August. Stomp Coordinator, Jane Coleman attended the pre-service training training of trainers (TOT) to explain the new FITU manual and what Peace Corps Headquarters is requiring of all trainings and of Peace Corps Trainees.

68 Community Health Improvement Project (CHIP) Volunteers and Rural Aquaculture Project Volunteers will work with their language teachers on malaria vocabulary in over 10 local languages. Stomp Coordinator, Jane Coleman, and PMI Resident Advisor, Dr. Allen Craig traveled to the CHIP Chipembi PST training site on Saturday, August 3rd, to share with the new trainees about malaria transmission, misconceptions on transmission, and Stomping Out Malaria in Africa and our international partners. The trainees also learned about and discussed  the four pillars of malaria.

34 trainees were present during the first FITU malaria 101. The trainees were very receptive to the malaria training and eager to partake in malaria work once they install at their respective sites. Next Monday, Craig and Jane will return to the training site to conduct a second presentation to the group which will cover more in-depth knowledge about malaria and tangible interventions that PCVs can partake in.

Zambia PMI Resident Advisor Dr. Allen Criag explains the malaria transmission cycle.


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