Weekly Awesome Zambia: Film Crew Visit

Peace Corps Headquarters sent a film crew to Zambia to learn and highlight what Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps Response Volunteers, and Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders are doing in the field. Peace Corps/Zambia has one of the largest numbers of third-year extension rates and Peace Corps Response Volunteers. Volunteers of all sectors in Zambia are working in malaria prevention. The film crew spent a week traveling around Zambia visiting volunteers in their sites documenting volunteer malaria prevention efforts.

During the week, Jane Coleman, Zambia Stomp Coordinator, arranged the site visits and logistics for the film crew’s trip and traveled with them around the country. Peace Corps Communications Staff Edward Perry and Lee Gillenwater collected great footage that will be used for Peace Corps recruitment and promoting materials next Fall.

The crew and Jane Coleman traveled to Luapula Province to film PCVs David Berger, Brittany McFall, and John Abrams collecting data for the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) Net Durability Study. The crew also filmed PCVs Tiffany Saria working with a grassroots soccer organizaion, and Kelsey Simmons and Kelly Finwall working with Safe Motherhood Action Group under the Saving Mothers Giving Life Initiative with USAID. Peace Corps Zambia was thrilled to host the film crew and are excited to see how Peace Corps usages the footage in future promotional materials.


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