Saraya Work Zone Action Plan

The volunteers of the Saraya work zone in southeastern Senegal have delivered their malaria action plan. Read on to find out what will be keeping these volunteers busy over the next few months!


[list style=”idea”]

  • One volunteer at the regional hospital and other volunteers working with all different levels of health structures will be comparing how medications and other supplies get down to Saraya through various channels.
  • Four volunteers will be following up with the ongoing Johns Hopkins University study focusing on the culture of bed net usage.
  • One volunteer will be investigating the biting habits of mosquitos, specifically of the malaria vector mosquitos.
  • One volunteer will be spearheading the effort to research neem lotion’s capabilities in deterring mosquitos.



[list style=”plus”]

  • Volunteers will be assisting with the PECADOM-PLUS project in Missirah.
  • One volunteer will focus on monitoring the project with data collection tools to ensure that rigorous evaluation is possible.
  • Volunteers will be investigating possibilities for scaling up the PECADOM-PLUS project in other areas.



[list style=”time”]

  • Many volunteers will be using the Nightwatch curriculum at their schools when classes start again in November.
  • Volunteers will focus on researching the effectiveness of the Nightwatch curriculum for students of different age groups.



[list style=”check”]


Malaria Education Tour:

[list style=”check”]

  • Volunteers will travel to villages across the Saraya work zone to talk about malaria education and awareness, making and marketing neem lotion, and stenciling and personalizing bed nets.
  • Volunteers will check in with new mining communities to find out about their level of mosquito net use and malaria awareness.



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