A product of Johns Hopkins University Center for Communications Programs, USAID and Media for Development International Tanzania, Chumo is a short film about malaria in pregnancy.

At each malaria or In-Service Training volunteers get a DVD to share Chumo with students, neighbors and colleagues. I’m still trying to figure out how to collect data on volunteers who use this fun malaria resource. I’d guess more than half of the volunteers in Tanzania have screened it at least once. I’ve seen it about 20 times and wouldn’t mind watching it another 50 times with the right company (i.e. anyone who hasn’t seen it yet – karibu!).

leave a comment if you have any advice for collecting this kind of data

Synopsis: Juma is a poor fisherman who loves telling tales. Amina is the girl who loves to hear his stories. They long to be together, but Amina’s father, Ali, wants a better life for her. Ali finds this in yustus, a rich but self-serving young suitor.

Juma must put everything on the line to save their love, but he must sacrifice more than he bargained for in order to succeed.



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