Tambacounda Regional Action Plan

Senegal malaria team members passed through Tambacounda for a day to assist the region in putting together their work zone action plans for the coming months and to provide additional on-demand training. Here’s what will be keeping the Koumpentoum and Tamba volunteers busy this rainy season and beyond!

 Koumpentoum Action Plan

[list style=”star”]

  • Nightwatch 6-day Educational Program
  • Koutiaba and Maleme Niani – July
  •  Radio: Nightwatch PSA- August-TBD
  • Mosquito Net Alterations: Koutiaba and Maleme Niani- July
  • Home visits/Alphabetization Classes: Entire regtion- July-Oct (rainy season)
  • Supply Chain Management: Koumpentoum- All year
  • Mural Tourney: Bamba, Koumpentoum, Maleme Niani, Koung. – TBD


Tambacounda Action Plan

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  •  Start with Home Visits
  • Net beautification and repair
  •  Baseline Survey of Malaria Needs in Community
  • Promoting subsidized nets etc.
  • Malaria Tourney – Oct-Nov (Repair, Care, Usage); Timing important based on rainy season lack of availability for causeries (most villagers in the field, etc); Promoting continuation of net usage even after the rainy season
  • Radio – get Nightwatch PSAs going: Using 9 main facts on malaria to create shows




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