Kaffrine Regional Action Plan

Volunteers from Nioro, Kaffrine and Koungheul came together today (June 22nd) for the first time to talk specifically about malaria and what we can do as volunteers to stomp it out. Volunteers representing every sector in Senegal participated in a day long training and together came up with these work zone action plans:

Kaffrine/Koungheul Region

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  • Meeting with local radio station on July 9th to discuss getting Night Watch programming on the air
  • Net Care &  Repair Tournee July 24th – 27th covering villages surrounding Kaffrine. Volunteers will conduct a baseline survey done by July 17th then travel to villages and give hands-on instruction on net mending, proper washing, and net modifying. Will follow up with another survey
  • Volunteers will use community health workers to make home visits in their communities using the NetWorks cards
  • Implement Nightwatch curriculum next school year


Nioro Region

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  • Talk to radio station to get Malaria No More public service announcements on the air in addition to setting up shows on health topics once a week
  • Conduct home visits to assess mosquito net usage and knowledge of malaria using NetWorks cards
  • Neem cream tournee in October
  • Collect malaria statistics from the Health Post
  • Start  Night Watch program next school year


We are all excited to work together as regions to do our part in the fight against malaria!



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