PMI/STOMP Net Durability in the Stage of Net Cutting and Data Entry

Zambia Stomp has been working with PMI for a year now on a Net Durability Study with the CDC.  The sample size is 500 Olyset and 500 Perma nets to be study over the course of 2 years.

38 Peace Corps Volunteers and 38 Counterparts were all trained to be Village Research Assistants by the PMI Resident Advisor, Dr. Allen Craig and the Stomp Coordinator, Jane Coleman.

After the training, the new researchers went into their  villages to visited 25 households collecting information on the durability of the net and the level of insecticide on it.  After collecting the questionnaires and 38 randomly selected nets, the Stomp Coordinator and another Response Volunteer working at Society For Family Health have been inputting the 1,000 questionnaires in Epi Info as well as cutting up the nets to match CDC and WHO protocol in order to send them to the CDC for further testing!


It has been exciting and the fun has just begun.  Stomp Zambia will share the results has they come forth in a few months.


Stomp Malaria Coordinator

Jane Coleman


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