Day 8: Working with Radio Stations, Care Groups, FITU, and Against Malaria

The morning started off with the creative juices flowing as participants created their own malaria public service announcements. David Lothamer, Radio Specialist and Senegal RPCV, taught the group the rudimentary skills of creating a PSA or a short radio. David demonstrated how to work with radio and how to tailor your PSA to reinforce your message.  Afterwards, Vanessa Dickey, Peace Corps/Senegal’s Program and Training Quality Coordinator, led a group discussion about setting up and utilizing CARE Groups to impact behavior change in communities. Vanessa also shed some light on the difference of a basic training and a training of trainers.

In the afternoon, Matt McLaughlin, Stomp Project Manager, informed the group of the new Peace Corps training method called “Focus In, Train Up”. Later on, Rob Mather, Director of Against Malaria, and Robin Todd with Concern Universal joined the group on Skype to share some interesting insight about the funding, logistics, and monitoring and evaluating aspects of bed net distributions around the world.


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