Fara Ndiaye

Fara holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Development Studies from McGill University (Montreal) and a Master degree in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. She focused her studies on international humanitarian law, migration law, and international development and she submitted her thesis on Migration and Development in the Asylum and Immigration Policy of the European Union: Normative Trends. Fara has always been interested in public health. Both her academic and work experience have required her to perform research on variety of international peace and security issues as well as human rights questions. Prior to joining the Malaria No More team, Fara was a research officer at the International Centre for Migration and Health for two years; she also worked for the Programme for the Study of Global Migration and the International Organization for Migration. Her particular interests lie in human security.

She joined Malaria No More’s Senegal Office as a communications officer in November 2010. She is in charge of the implementation of Malaria No More communications strategy and work plan in Senegal. She coordinates the development and dissemination of Malaria No More messages and advocacy tools.


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