Dr. Matt Lynch

Matt Lynch has been working in international development for over 30 years, focused on malaria control for the past 14 years.  He got his start as a PCV in Kenya, working in the Community Water and Sanitation Program.  Later, after managing several PC training projects he returned to the US and got a masters degree in public health.  He then worked for 5 years in central Tanzania, managing a research project on trachoma for Johns Hopkins University, before returning to grad school for a PhD in International Health.

Matt worked at USAID/Washington for 7 years on the malaria team, providing technical support for vector control projects across Africa and participating in the start-up of the Presidents Malaria Initiative (PMI).  In 2006 he returned to JHU to manage the malaria program at the Center for Communication Programs.  In 2008 he was elected Vice-Chair of the Roll Back Malaria Board, a position he still holds.  Matt is also project director of the NetWorks project, a USAID-funded project to increase LLIN ownership and use.


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