PCVs Participate in PIRCOM Malaria Prevention Training

May 8-10 PCVs Jason Hillis, Madeline Noble, Alicia Portillo, and Anata (Scooter) Walsh attended a training by PIRCOM (Programa Inter-Religioso Contra a Malária—Inter-Religious Program Against Malaria). The first day was a “training of trainers” of the religious leaders of different denominations from the district of Massinga, Inhambane province. The Inhambane provincial coordinator led this training of 15 religious leaders, and was assisted by one trained religious leader delegate. During the two subsequent days, each religious leader sent two volunteers from their congregation to be trained on the same material. Participants were trained in home-visit facilitation skills; malaria knowledge including transmission, prevention, symptoms, and treatment; use of visual aids for their home-visits, and correct monitoring and evaluation. The take-home message for volunteers and the homes they will visit is that there are 6 steps one should take to prevent malaria: use a bed net every night, seek medical attention within 24 hours of symptom onset, women must visit the pre-natal clinic at least twice during pregnancy to receive IPT (Intermittent Preventative Treatment), allow IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying) teams to enter and spray your house, don’t leave uncovered water around the house, and take the entire dose malaria medication as instructed.


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