World Malaria Day? World Malaria Month!

Nothing like a little friendly competition.

The month of April marked Malaria Month here in Madagascar, and along with that came the malaria month competition. Volunteers were challenging each other by region for most malaria projects and third goal activities completed. There were guidelines for the amount of points that certain activities would be worth, for example a neem cream demonstration was worth 20 points, while a blog was worth 10, but volunteers got very creative with their own ideas and activities.

World Malaria Month Madagascar

In the end 57 of around 140 volunteers in country and all 29 Trainees participated in the competition.  And 55 of those volunteers participated in third goal activities, posting on facebook, blogging and tweeting about malaria in Madagascar and what Peace Corps volunteers are doing to prevent it.

Final Tally: World Malaria Month Madagascar

Region: Average points per volunteer (total points)

  1. Sud Est: 65.3 (1240 points)
  2. Lac Altalotra: 38 (228 points)
  3. Manoantsetra: 35 (140 points)
  4. Fianarantsoa: 27.9 (475 points)
  5. Mahajanga: 17.5 (70 points)
  6. Ft. Dauphin: 22.9 (160 points)
  7. Diana: 9.7 (155 points)
  8. Antananarivo: 5 (155 points)


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