The PMI/USAID and CDC Malaria Operational Team Visit Zambia

It is time….The Malaria Operational Team from CDC and PMI/USAID came to Zambia for a week during May, 2012 to work on the plans and budget for fiscal year 2013.  The Stomp Malaria Coordinator, Jane Coleman, joined in on the week long meetings and gave a presentation on the PMI Net Durability Study that Peace Corps is involved in and other Stomp activities.

Team: Dr. Allen Craig, PMI Resident Advisor; Linda Banda, PMI/USAID; Dr. Rene Salgado, PMI/USAID; Kathrine Tan, CDC; Jane Coleman, U.S. Peace Corps


Meetings with the World Bank, DfID, UNICEF, NMCC, PSI/Society for Family Health, Abt/ZISSP, PATH/Macepa, IMAD, Macha Research Institute, UNDP, JSI/Deliver, CSH, and the MoH.



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