USAID Mission Director and Ministry of Health Give Inspiring Speeches on Eliminating Malaria

Kasama World Malaria Day, 2012
Kasama hosted one of the largest events for World Malaria Day in Zambia.  Held at Buseko Field beginning at 13 hours the event included special guests and entertainment from all over Zambia.  There were about 400 people in attendance.The guests included the Bemba Paramount Chief, the Provincial and Regional Directors of MOH, the Mayor of Kasama, Dr. Susan Bremes of USAID and the Minister of Health was the honored guest of the day. Dr. Bremes made a speech discussing the 4 major areas for reducing malaria; sleeping under a net every night, indoor residual spraying, pregnant women taking fansidar and going to the clinic if you think you have malaria.  She ended her speech with “every child deserves to enjoy their 5th birthday”.The MOH speech discussed the hope that “the end of malaria is in sight” and reiterated Dr. Bremes 4 major points. It began with local entertainment of drummers and dancers in Northern Province.  Then the Kasama Marching Band followed of the participating organizations marching to Buseko field.  The marching band played the Zambia National Athemn and prayer by a local pastor. Activities included demonstrations of indoor residual spraying, the proper method to hang a net, RDT testing (each person tested also received a net), and from the local clinic an Under 5 clinic for weighing children.  The clinic also had a nutrition demonstration showing many local foods available.
The participating partners included ZPCT, SFH, CSH, USAID, MOH.  Sponsors included Olyset.  The local Zanis radio station and ZNBC were present. Other entertainment included drumming and dancers from both Eastern and Western provinces.  The dancer from Eastern also “ate fire” (he placed a stick in fire, then chewed on the stick) which thrilled the crowd.
One of the final events included sack races.  The first race involved many of the honored guests including the Minister of Health and Mayor of Kasama.  The participants for the 2nd race included many of the volunteers from the various organizations.  Mosquito nets were awarded as prizes to the winners. The guests also acknowledged four of the local schools that participated in a malaria quiz on April 24th, giving prizes to the students with the highest scores. The event ended with the Kasama Marching Band playing the Zambia National Athem.

It was a GREAT DAY!!!!  Stomp out Malaria in Zambia today and everyday!


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