S.W.A.T. Central takes World Malaria Day head on!

Central Region Peace Corps Volunteers came together on Sunday, April 22 2012 in our regional capital of Cape Coast to host a World Malaria Day event. As music was pumping and PCV’s were dancing the azonto, a small crowd gathered around to see what the action was about. Soon the music faded and MC’s Zoe Sugg and George Atoanan transitioned into the beginning of the event. The event was centered around utilizing the new S.W.A.T. Malaria bucket. With Bob Forrester on coal pot detail and Katie Woodruff shaving soap, the making of neem cream was under way. Once neem cream was explained to the crowd, we transitioned seamlessly into two (2) LLIN hangings. Jake McCommons and Betsy Conway utilized rocks and sand in large recycled cans to prop sticks up showing one way the LLIN’s could be hung outside. After this they demonstrated how to use a bucket lid and rope to hang the net in a circular ‘princess’ style from an overhead beam. As they finished up explaining the importance of taking care and hanging the net in the shade, Bob and Katie were ready to drain the neem ‘tea’ water from the leaves, and add the shaved soap and 9 oz. of coconut oil to the water. Since it takes several minutes to stir the ingredients into a lotion, Danielle Dunlap and David Fields used the high-risk / low-risk game cards to generate discussion on various malaria issues. We ended the event with filling small containers with the finished neem cream and selling them to the audience to raise money for S.W.A.T. Malaria. Other PCV’s that provided great support included Kate Stalter and Mike Mayo. The next day, a gentleman came up to one of the PCV’s to confirm the ingredients for neem cream. All in all the World Malaria Day event was a success and we look forward to holding similar events on the community level. The event was lead by Central’s S.W.A.T. Malaria Regional Representative Johanna Twiford.


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