Blogging About Malaria and the PMI Net Longevity Study

I’ve recently been busy going to trainings and workshops. These are great opportunities because every volunteer brings a counterpart from the village who will help them on the project. For example, I just went to a malaria workshop in Mansa, Luapula where we agreed to take on 2 year program where the mosquito nets are evaluated at 28 random homes in our catchment area and every 6 months we return to the homes to see the wear and tear of the nets.  We’ll be keeping track of how many holes, what size of holes, and the age of the net. The point of this is that there was a net distribution to most homes in Zambia and the government is believing the nets should last approximately 2 years and 11 washes. We are doing this to see if the nets are truly lasting as long as the government thinks they should be. Anyway, as I was saying, this is a 2 year program but I’ll only be here for two years, so the counterpart whom I brought will continue this once I’ve left the village.  Another reason that counterparts are brought to these workshops is for sustainability, so they gain this knowledge and they can then pass it on to others once I’ve left.

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Kelly DeVore, Community Health and Improvement Program, 2010-2012


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