Mozambique Updates: Adrienne Long

The picture is of PCVs Adrienne Long (left) and Megan Nelson with SCIP (Strengthening Communities through Integrated Programming) employees, including a regional coordinator, water and sanitation technician, youth coordinator, HIV prevention technician, and members of a theater group.

Unfortunately, she does not have pictures from the Monday broadcast, but she has promised to take pictures at the next one, on April 23rd.

On Monday, April 9th, PCV Adrienne Long helped coordinate a radio broadcast about malaria in Monapo in Nampula province, Mozambique. The discussion featured a supervisor for malaria activities from Médicos do Mundo (Doctors of the World), the Nampula provincial director of PIRCOM (Programa Inter-Religioso Contra a Malária—Inter-Religious Program Against Malaria), another colleague from PIRCOM, and a Counseling and Testing in Community Health Technician from SCIP (Strengthening Communities through Integrated Programming).
The discussion covered all malaria topics, including:
· What is malaria and how does someone become sick with malaria?
· Who is most vulnerable?
· What are the symptoms?
· How can we prevent malaria, especially in pregnant women and children under 5?
· When is it necessary to take children under 5 to the local health post?
· What services can a pregnant woman receive at the health posts in Monapo?
· How much does it cost to receive treatment?
· What is Medicos do Mundo? What does this organization do in Monapo?
· What is PIRCOM? What do they do in Monapo?
· What is the relationship between PIRCOM and Monapo’s Health Center?
· Why do so many people not use mosquito nets?
· What’s the relationship between HIV and malaria?
During the discussion three listeners sent in questions via SMS that were then addressed on-air, including:
· What are the symptoms of malaria in pregnant women?
· Is there a vaccine for malaria?
Everyone was extremely pleased by the success of this radio broadcast and are looking forward to the next one discussing malaria, which will air on Monday, April 23rd. Taking into consideration a national HIV prevalence rate of 11.5% in Mozambique, the next broadcast will feature discussion about the dangers of HIV/malaria co-infection.


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