PCVs Start a Malaria Home Education Project Across Senegal!

Ardo Faye, Networks focal point, demonstrates how to transform a rectangular net into a circular form. Networks developed this method of transformation in response to experience in the field: many communities in Senegal sleep outdoors when it is hot.

Teaming up again with our local partner NetWorks, Peace Corps Senegal volunteers and the health workers in their villages are getting out to homes across the country and teaching families about how to properly use and maintain their mosquito nets. Using illustrated, laminated cards designed and created by NetWorks, volunteers and their community counterparts are having better conversations than ever with families who need to know what they can do to protect themselves from malaria. Check out some examples of the cards below.

As World Malaria Day approaches, malaria efforts throughout Senegal are being concentrated on messages about using and maintaining nets properly. We couldn’t be more excited to continue working with our partners in villages and in Dakar, as we stumble upon innovative ways to fight this disease.

Thanks to the excellent efforts of the volunteers, families across the country are taking better care of their nets. Community health workers in those communities are getting additional training in leading health talks with family groups, and together, Peace Corps and the people of Senegal are Stomping Out Malaria in 2012.


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