Linguere Malaria Update: April

On Saturday, April 6th, volunteers in the Louga region met to discuss malaria prevention activities. Senegal’s universal coverage campaign is coming to the northern region this month, and the meeting, held in Linguere, was convened to allow volunteers to discuss their plans to contribute.

In previous distributions, volunteers have helped out at health posts and distribution points, assisting families in hanging their new nets properly and teaching their communities how to clean and maintain them. Other volunteers have put on large-scale public festivities at market towns as a way of bringing attention to the fight against malaria in Senegal and raising awareness of what the Senegalese can do to protect themselves.

Team LinguereLike most northern regions in Senegal, Louga’s malaria prevelance is low. But that doesn’t mean that people are safe from the plasmodium parasite. Lower tolerance rates in the Louga area mean the population is much more vulnerable to sudden spikes in the malaria rate. As irrigation and food security projects become more common in the region, we are expecting increased rates of malaria incidence as well. The universal bed net coverage campaign in Louga will prepare people in Northern Senegal for these changes.

Stay tuned for more from Team Linguere. The PCVs there are energetic, motivated, and ready to Stomp Out Malaria in 2012.


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