Blog About Malaria Month: Debrah Lee

I’m still working on writing more consistently in this blog—new motivation: it’s officially BAMM! (Blog About Malaria Month—as of a few days ago) This month, Peace Corps Volunteers all over Africa will be blogging, tweeting, and updating about their experiences with malaria, preventing malaria in their communities and about malaria in general. Malaria is the number one killer in Africa. In Madagascar, malaria is the second leading cause of hospital mortality and the third leading cause of morbidity for children under five. Having spent my service in the central highlands of Madagascar, I didn’t have any direct experiences with malaria prevention until now; I will be blogging about my new role as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer with USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and what we’re doing to stomp out malaria in Madagascar.

April 25th is World Malaria Day! And volunteers in Madagascar have a lot of activities planned to spread malaria awareness and promote its prevention. More to come as the month progresses…

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