Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday: Ben and Lizzy Auxier

April 25th is World Malaria Day.  Currently Malaria is the #1 killer in Africa and specifically, Zambia.  We have seen so many cases of Malaria since being in country.  Unfortunately too many that have lead to death especially children under five.  The biggest problem here in Zambia is the lack of education on using a mosquito net, both how and why.  There are many theories here on what exactly causes Malaria, whether it be walking in the rain or eating sugar cane, people often don’t know that it comes from the Anopheles mosquito.  Together with 3,000 other Peace Corps Volunteers throughout Africa we are trying to help eradicate Malaria altogether!  Keep posted- we will be blogging later this month on the event we are putting on for World Malaria Day in our village.  How will you Stomp Out Malaria in 2012?

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