Burkina Faso’s Singing Nerd Wants you to Frappez le Palu

Malaria kills more than 500,000 people a year, and while there’s not yet a proven vaccine, there are many ways to help protect oneself.

Qu’est qu’on peut faire contre le palu
Cet Maladie qui toucher beacoup

Frappez les moustiques tres vite
C’est vrait qu’il sont petits

Mais leur sang
Tue les gens

Chaque nuit un moustiquaire doit vous proteger
Si no les insects vont vous piquer

On peut prendre des mostiquaire nord, sud, est, et ouest
Dan chaque village a le CSPS

On va frapper le palou

On va frapper palou tous les jours (tous les jours) jusquau
Il nya pas de mort
On va chanter ca encore

Il n’y a pas de vaccine
Donc On practique la vit saine

Rough English translation:

What can we do against malaria — this disease that touches too many?

Smack mosquitoes quickly
It’s true that they’re small.

But their blood kills people.

Every night a mosquito net should protect you
If not the insects will bite you.

You can get a mosquito net north, south, east, or west
In every village at the community health center

We’re going to smack malaria

We’re going to smack malaria every day until there are no deaths.

Theres no vaccine, so we live a healthy life.

We’re going to smack malaria

The views expressed in this video are those of The Singing Nerd only; they do not represent the opinions of the U.S. Government, The Peace Corps, or Bruce Springsteen.


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