Pre-Service Training Round Robin in Burkina Faso

In October 2011, the Peace Corps Health Trainees presented a “Health Round-robin” to the DABA Trainees. Their presentation included malaria basics, the Burkinabé health system structure, project suggestions and the infamous mosquito “bonk” (viewable on Stomp Out Malaria’s Youtube page).

The workshop focused on the health topics included in Peace Corps Burkina Faso’s “High-5,” a set of cross-sectoral activities that are done by all volunteers as part of their program’s project plan.  The “High-5” includes malaria, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, tree-planting, and gender/youth development.  The peer education method was part of Peace Corps Burkina Faso’s new training initiatives to encourage cross-sector health activities under the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa initiative.

Photo: During their stage Burkina Health PCVS Amy Hart, Marci Kirchberg, Clarissa Pape, Alex Kuzenstov teach their peers how to integrate malaria into their projects.


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