Senegal’s Monthly Malaria Update

Keeping Peace Corps Volunteers in the field updated on what’s going on all over their posts can be difficult. Getting those same volunteers to share the great news about work they’re doing with NGOs and other partners at post can be almost impossible. That’s why Peace Corps Senegal is implementing a new monthly Malaria Update system. Here’s how it will work.

Senegal’s national malaria coordinator emails out a brief rundown of the exciting news coming out of Dakar about the large-scale efforts being made to fight malaria, and then sends that information out to volunteers leaders all over the country. These men and women collect news about local malaria activities happening in their region and then send the two combined reports to all the volunteers in that area. This means that volunteers stay up to date on the decisions being made in Dakar that could change the way they do malaria interventions, and on the great work being done by their neighbors.

Finally, the volunteer leaders send their local reports back to the national malaria coordinator, who compiles everything and sends it all along to our partners in Dakar and elsewhere.

Here’s a selection out of our most recent newsletter with the news from Kolda, a region in south-central Senegal. Read along to cheer on our volunteers and their counterparts, and check back soon for more news about how we’re fighting to end malaria in Senegal!

Thanks to all participants at the Velingara and Dabo meetings. Email Dan if you want notes from the meeting or a copy of the study from Kenya which explores subsided vs. free net distributions. Three things we learned from the meetings:
– neem lotion has been the most common malaria related work across the region
– PMI’s PECADOM program is indeed active in Kolda (we have since gotten the name of the person to contact in Velingara)
– despite universal coverage’s sweep of the region, coverage remains less than universalJust some ideas that came out of the meetings include: 
– regional malaria summit to increase technical knowledge, increase language skills specific to malaria, and to involve local work partners
– net repairs on World Malaria day across the region
– coordinated efficacy testing of neem lotion across the region
– a malaria themed live show on TEWDU FM (Diaobe) before World Malaria Day
– malaria curricula and trainings for/through local schoolsInfo about Kolda plans for World Malaria Day coming at you soon.


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