NightWatch: Promoting Mosquito Net Use in Senegal

Peace Corps Senegal is excited to be partnering with Malaria No More and Speak Up Africa to bring the fight against malaria into classrooms across the country using the NightWatch campaign.

NightWatch is a combination of a communication campaign and a school curriculum, both designed to encourage Senegalese people to use their mosquito nets. Nightly radio broadcasts of a 30-second public service announcement remind families that it’s time to start using their nets, since the mosquitos that spread malaria are about to start biting. The school curriculum is for children between the ages of 12 and 14, who are old enough to understand why it’s important to protect themselves from malaria and young enough to begin building life-long habits.

Watch this video for an introduction to the communication campaign.

Peace Corps Volunteers will be promoting the public service announcement broadcast in radio stations in their communities and designing local language radio shows around the simple message of using a mosquito net every night to reinforce the NightWatch theme. They will also help bring the new curriculum into classrooms across Senegal, helping teachers and students learn all about malaria and the fight to end it in Senegal.

Check back soon for more news about this initiative. In the mean time, read up on the NightWatch program and the other exciting work that Speak Up Africa and Malaria No More are doing across the continent.


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