PCV Jade Way Weekly Awesome

Spotlight on Mali Volunteer Jade Way

Mali PCV Jade Way (2010-2012) never stops moving.  Her passion for helping her community has led her to do a multitude of education and health related projects.  Among her many programs, she’s taken a strong stand against malaria in her village.  To begin, Jade made a formal baseline malaria survey in English, French, and Bambara (spoken by 80% of Malians).  It’s nothing short of awesome and extremely thorough and complete.  Jade did this out of her own motivation.  This survey has since been adopted by PC/Mali and is being used by the 150 PCVs throughout the country.  The data that these surveys are gathering are helping volunteers better target programming in their communities and providing information on the national level about the malaria situation in Mali.

Like many Mali PCVs, Jade has also worked with her neighbors to make Neem lotion, a mosquito-repelling cream made from abundant Neem leaves and seeds.  “I found myself working with the Shea Co-op to help me make the cream and it was a lot of fun.  By working with the Co-op I learned so much about the makings of shea butter and soap and I learned a lot of new Bambara words as well. And for helping me make the neem cream, I gave them jars of it to use at home and they said that it works really well. So, maybe they might look into producing it themselves! So, after getting confirmation that it really works, I presented info on malaria and how people can protect themselves from it and it went really well,” Jade explains in her blog that can be found at thegirlwhostaresatgoatss.blogspot.com.
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