Kedougou Malaria Update- February 2012


Bonjour friends! We, Ben and Ian, have both attended Malaria Bootcamps within the past five months and hope to bring the excitement around Peace Corps’ malaria prevention efforts to our beautiful region. This monthly update aims to coordinate regional malaria work, highlight opportunities to get involved, and keep you informed about what the Head Haunchos are doing in Dakar.

The Kedougou Update

First, we will host a brainstorming meeting March 2nd From 2:00-4:00PM at the regional house to discuss your past work, ideas, ways for all sectors to do sector-relevant malaria work, experimental projects (including sugar-baited mosquito traps), and a regional malaria summit.

Second, a regional malaria summit is in the planning for mid-April and may incorporate counterparts and LCFs. It will focus on technical training, communicating effectively with counterparts on malaria initiatives, and practicing implementation of initiatives. Volunteers from different sectors will be able to present their ideas and collaborate on work zone and village action plans. If you would like to attend or contribute to the malaria summit, we strongly encourage you to come to the meeting on March 2nd.

Third, Ian, Ben, and Marielle are participating in a pilot program for Networks, a malaria-focused NGO in Dakar, to test consultation cards which detail proper care and use of mosquito nets. We are tracking the number of villagers who receive counseling and the how photos and the wording of questions are received. We will compile this information and help present it to Networks in Dakar at the beginning of April.

Fourth, Ian is organizing a Malaria Day in May. This will include multiple stations: neem lotion, tailoring nets, the money game (what could you buy with all the money you spent/will save on malaria this year), building sugar-baited traps, malaria skits, soccer match, etc. Depending on how tedious the logistics look, we would like this to be a tourney. This can be discussed further at the brainstorming meeting!

FYI: World Malaria Day is April 25th!

Other regions will be compiling similar descriptions of their regional malaria work. This information will be posted to the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa website. Check it out by following the link below.


Ben and Ian

The Malaria Team

Other Stomping Out Malaria in Africa social media site…Please‘LIKE’ the facebook page!!/pages/Stomp-Out-Malaria/208478415859361!/search/%40stompoutmalaria


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