DJ Mali

Radios are the primary source of information in Mali.  There is a massive rural population that for the most part has little to no access to television, newspapers, or internet.  Complicating things further, a too big proportion of the population  is illiterate meaning that even if access was improved it may have little effect on information dissemination.  While this may seem like a challenge, we Peace Corps Volunteers like to see it as an opportunity.  We are trained on how to use local radio equipment and create radio programs in local languages so that we can engage a larger audience in our activities.  Malaria is no exception to this. PCVs in Mali have created PSAs or even entire radio segments dedicated solely to the prevention and control of malaria. In this playlist you’ll find examples of PSAs and radio programs that volunteers have created for their communities and for training purposes.

(If you’re trying to listen to these videos from Facebook click here)


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