PC Burkina Volunteer Project Spotlight


PCV Bridget Roby – Burkina Faso

This Malaria Prevention project was designed to encourage the continued use of mosquito nets in the village in conjunction with the introduction of neem cream, a natural insect repellent. The Community Health Workers and I visit each courtyard to see who has attached and is using their mosquito nets. Those who have them attached and say they sleep under them get their photo taken with their mosquito net, and we’re hanging each photo up at the village health center in a big wall of photos. We’re hoping to draw attention to the different and creative ways people have found to attach their mosquito nets, and to bring awareness to the issue in general. The home visits for photo taking have also provided good opportunities to talk about the subject of mosquito nets and even do mini-trainings on how to correctly attach a mosquito net so no mosquitoes can enter, and on where people can find one if they don’t have one. Plus, it’s been a lot of fun!


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